Rain Poetry Dancing Storms to Prayer

Today I Share Rain Poetry With You.

From Dancing Storms to Prayer.

Feel it in your Heart.

Dance with me, feel the wet sting of rain on your face.




I’ve walked in October rain.

Wind swept hair, bright red umbrella,

Sun drenched reflections of grey-purple sky.

rain umberella

I’ve walked in January rain.

Icy rain that refrigerates my blood,

Breath sucked into sharp icy pain.



I’ve walked in July rain.

Soft gentle rains, the kind that soaks in deep



And makes things grow.



I’ve walked in twilight’s veil

Past city lights to a quiet place



Where I prayed.


by Rhonda Grace





Morning Storm


Thunder exploded over the mountains.

Peals fifteen seconds long shakes our walls.

Rain slashes through leaves and branches,

pummel roof, cascading off eaves to glossy sheets.


A Thousand tiny droplets

Rattled the surface like a snare drum.

I flinch when thunder cracks

And lightning shellacks every leaf an eerie silver.


The gloomy suggestion of dawn crepes in,

I snuggle deeper under the covers,

Praying morning is just a dream.


Rhonda S Grace 10-27-12





rainbow by nokkasili  Picture credit:


Rainbow Tears


Rain descends upon my umbrella

Mists rainbow colors in the sun

Beauty shimmers and all I see are tears

Fairy wings against my cheeks,

Wipe my eyes, clear the flow

Whispers a kiss of tomorrow’s joy


Rhonda S Grace © 12-11-2012




Dance in the rain with Rhonda Grace



I am a poetically inclined writer who resides in Vancouver, WA.

I am presently working on a book of poetry, ‘Ashen Valentine.’ About the somber side of love.

I belong to a small critique group and host with Jessica Samuelsen our Writing Pearls monthly Open mic at Pop Culture in Vancouver, WA.


 I write poetry at allpoetry

With Love & Respect, Rhonda Grace


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Hats off to Your Empowered Life!
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~Rhonda Grace


I write poetry at allpoetry